Service Overview

Since security staff is the first person to be seen at your door, they must be professional and discreet. Our staff perfectly dressed, shaved and groomed to be in line with your brand identity. We train our staff to offer levels of customer service in a professional and courteous manner that exceed expectations. This allows customers to feel welcomed and safe, while allowing staff to fulfill their duties without the added concern of safety.

Our priority will always be to provide our clients with staff that is expertly trained in their field of expertise, who is perfectly groomed and with the necessary social skills to welcome customers and ensure that they feel safe during their time with you. AL WESSAM staff will always be dressed appropriately in order to fit in with your company’s image.

Providing exceptional levels of security for valuables, premises and staff, our client’s customers and public image are also at the forefront of everything we do. Ultimately providing you the assurance that your customers, employees, stock and profit are protected.

After a full assessment, we develop a comprehensive Security Plan which includes site specific placing of manpower. Our Security Management Team works with you to achieve an outstanding outcome.